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LifeForce Healthcare is a family-owned and operated medical practice that provides in-home primary care services to patients throughout Florida. Our focus is to provide medical services to the elderly in their homes, senior living communities, and Skilled Nursing Facilities. We have served thousands of patients since 2009, and we continue to be committed to providing the highest level of quality care to all patients.   ​

We spend time with our patients and families learning about their physical, social, emotional, and economic problems in order to provide a holistic approach to healthcare.  We educate our patients and families providing them with resources which allows them to make informed decisions about their healthcare.  

We work closely with nurses, as well as physical, occupational and speech therapists, to keep our patients as independent as possible. We can arrange for diagnostic testing, such as laboratory studies, ultrasounds and x-rays in the home. We can also arrange for specialists to make in home visits, including podiatry, wound care, dermatology, infectious disease, and social work. 

LifeForce Healthcare is a unique practice that combines traditional care models with current medical trends to provide the best medical care for our patients at home.  

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