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Private Pay Medical  Care 

Although we accept many insurance plans, we offer primary care services for ages 13 and up on a self pay basis.  We have taken this innovative approach to healthcare to improve access to quality healthcare.

We can address acute issues, manage chronic medical problems, and help you obtain a healthy lifestyle.  

We will work with you to manage your physical, emotional, and mental health. 

Questions can be directed to us via email at 

No insurance, no problem

Self pay rates: 

Telemedicine first visit - $125

Telemedicine subsequent visits - $75

In person first visit* - $250

In person subsequent visits* - $125

Please note, most insurances will pay for telemedicine visits.  If you have insurance we encourage you to provide the information to us to see if your visit is covered.  

Additional charges apply for lab tests, X-ray services, joint injections and other complex procedures when needed. Credit or debit card payments accepted.  

*In person visits will typically occur in your home at the discretion of the provider.  Most visits are intended to be handled via telemedicine (via secure audio and video). 


Discounted Rates for Lab Tests

We have negotiated discounted rates for various lab tests.  You are responsible for the cost of the lab test and a $10 fee to have your lab drawn in the comfort of your own home.  Alternatively, we can provide you with a prescription to take to a local lab.  


Annual Wellness Visits 

Health screening coupled with a comprehensive history allows the practitioner to identify potential chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and nutritional deficiencies. We will provide you  with specific goals for improving health.  Goals will include recommendations on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle modifications to keep you healthy for the year ahead.  


Covid Testing and Vaccinations 

Now offering the Pfizer vaccine, including booster shots, and PCR covid testing available at no charge to you.  Rapid covid tests are $25 each with a medical clearance form signed by the provider for all negative tests. 

Ready to Schedule a Visit? 

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